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Who is the Founder of EConsulting™? cont’d


Obiora and his siblings had an interesting childhood.  They built a computer with their father; helped on occasion to repair and add on to their childhood home; ate fresh fruit from their fruit trees, bushes, and vines; had a family garden in which they assisted with the sowing, weeding, and harvesting; helped to can and dry fruits and vegetables; cooked dinner from scratch; went fishing, camping, hiking, and white water rafting; put clothes outside to dry; used cloth bags when shopping; bought food in bulk from a local food co‐operative—his father is a co‐founder; and were involved in meetings, protests, marches, and demonstrations.  They received a life–long "education" from their parents, extended family, and friends of their parents, which has instilled in them a desire to learn, the history of the world (as it should be taught in school), the effect of having freedom but no sense of responsibility, and courage to do what is right even when no one is looking.

Obiora and his twin brother, Irucka Ajani, the CEO/President of EcoC2S, realized at an early age many of the issues (that we are still facing today) with the environment, which includes pollution and contamination of the air that we breathe, the water we drink, and the land on which our food grows could be lessened if every individual and family did his/her/their part.  While in elementary, they collected aluminum cans at home, family gatherings, family trips, and on the street as well as scrap metal for recycling.  They also recycled newspapers, computer

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