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Peace Be With You

How has EConsulting™ given back? cont’d

Community Gardens

The Rock/La Roca Community Garden (Lexington, KY)

started to bring the different congregations together and to provide food for the church’s Monday night dinners and people in the surrounding community.

At the garden, we helped to harvest fresh produce for the church and also for mothers and their children; removed garden waste (weeds and dead plants) and composted it.

Winburn Art Garden* (Lexington, KY)

In 2008 and 2009, we planted bushes, flowers, vines, fruit trees, and potatoes; sowed fruit and vegetable seeds; donated ecological seeds and seed potatoes; removed and composted weeds; harvested crops and gave fresh produce to mothers and their children; and helped the youth to complete art projects at the Winburn Art Garden.

Catholic Action Center* (Lexington, KY)

We volunteered in 2009 at a garden started by the Catholic Action Center, a local non‐profit that works to make a positive impact on

* - our involvement came through Jim Embry, the Founder/CEO’s father

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