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How has EConsulting™ given back? cont’d

In addition to the time and seeds donated to community gardens, we also have helped with local conferences and workshops.

Conferences and Workshops

In 2008, we helped to organize and volunteered at the Green Tools for Green Schools Conference and Closing the Food_ Gap Conference.  In 2009, we helped to organize, plan, and volunteered at the April 18 and June 12 Gardening with Class: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden Workshops.

What events has EConsulting™ attended?

Bluegrass Energy & Green Living Expo* (Lexington, KY)

Obiora, the Founder/CEO, participated in the 2007 and 2008 Bluegrass Energy & Green Living Expo as a co‐Instructor.  The first year, he talked about community gardening.  The next year, Obiora talked about the importance of using ecological gardening techniques in the current and future Lexington community gardens.

The Peace and Global Citizenship Fair (Lexington, KY)

In 2007, we attended the The Peace and Global Citizenship Fair and handed out information on our business.  The following year, we had new

* — our involvement came through Jim Embry, the Founder/CEO’s father

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