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US academic institutions are being ’bought’ (via funding) by biotechnology (more...)

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I got your back!  I speak up for wildlife.
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Garden planning and design cont’d

Start a garden and find ways to help your community produce food...
Our Philosophy

In general, we know that to have a healthy harvest, an integrative approach should be taken.  During the past 12 years, we have used in our gardens: the "Cuban method of gardening"—watering the roots and not the soil, biodiversity, companion planting, interplanting, bio‐intensive planting, and to a lesser extent biodynamic farming.  With our approach, our gardens have little to no weeds, a healthy root system, and attract beneficial insects.

Our Service

Our garden planning and design service includes building the garden bed (if needed), preparing and amending the soil (if needed), designing the garden, selling seeds (if needed), and sowing seeds.  It also includes love, respect for Mother Nature, and creative thinking, so please contact us when you are ready to garden.

We look forward to working with you!

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