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Edible Landscaping cont.’d

participants, Obiora and other college students were mentoring at the New Zion Community Development Foundation, Inc.  In addition, he developed diverse workshops to teach the youth "life skills" and self‐reliance.  However, due to a lack of support and vision by the leadership (at the time), there was no edible landscape and the workshops never happened.


One major aspect of self‐reliance is the resurrection of what has been lost: the knowledge of edible landscaping.  It is imperative in urban and rural areas where there is little to no access to quality, ecological, and fresh (local) produce or food insecurity.  When we formed in 2006, it became even more apparent to Obiora that time was waning for us to (re‐)learn how to cultivate food because food prices, food‐borne illnesses, and the marketing and consumption of unhealthy and unnatural foods have risen since 2001.  We offer our services and products as an attempt to become a part of the solution.

Our edible landscaping services include garden planning and design, personal gardening ("you reap what we sow"), and garden mentoring (consulting).

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