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US academic institutions are being ’bought’ (via funding) by biotechnology (more...)

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I got your back!  I speak up for wildlife.
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Personal Gardener

Our Service | 2010–2011 | 2014


In 2012 and 2013, we were on a gardening hiatus but we came back strong in Spring 2014!  We had a new client, got off to a late start, but worked smart and diligently from March until late November.  We were a little rusty from being on a hiatus for so long but after we got our hands back into the soil, we knew it would be a good year independent of the weather!

We created a design in May and additional updates in June.  It shows how a small space can be turned into a bio‐intensive garden developed using companion planting.  In late March we sowed Hairy Vetch, Austrian Winter Peas, Red Clover, White Dutch Clover, and Common Winter Rye as a cover crop.

We are looking for new clients and if you are interested in our personal gardener service please let us know.

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